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Christine and Eric Brinker specialize in nutritional medicine. They both consult with clients of all ages, from newborn to seniors. An initial consultation lasts approximately one hour. A consultation includes the Biological Terrain Assessment, and Nutritional Assessment. This will involve personal history and inherent dispositions. The result is a fully customized protocol designed especially for the client, focusing on individual needs to overcome disease and maintain optimal health.

The program includes dietary and supplemental recommendations, an exercise program (varies per individual) and lifestyle coaching. Christine closely monitors the progress of each client with follow up appointments. Every person is different, but one fact always remains true; When we get to the root cause and give the body what it needs, it is possible to live a healthy, vital life.

Consultations are by appointment only.

Lab Work-Biological Terrain Assessment

The BTA is an FDA recognized, non-invasive diagnostic assessment lab. This assessment requires only 1 CC (1/2 teaspoon) of both saliva and urine. These specimens provide a cellular panel assessment that determines the level of health of each organ and body system. This 8-12 page report is complete at the time of each appointment and is utilized by Christine to further customize the individual needs of each client. This report indicates the body's hydration, waste products, and digestive ability, among many other important parameters. It will also indicate the biological age (internal age) of the entire body.

Natural Health Service is one of the only BTA labs, on the east coast of the United States. People travel from many states, and even countries, to have the BTA performed at Natural Health Services.


Natural Family Wellness Center is known as a key resource for natural health education across the country. Our goal is to help others learn more about their body, how best to treat their body, and most importantly how to prevent or reverse disease. We facilitate educational classes in homes, corporations, churches, gyms, health fairs and many other sites. These classes include many popular topics such as "The 8 Causes of Disease", "How to Transform Your Body", "Nature's 911", "Young at Any Age" and many, many more. These classes are all done by are professionally trained staff.

Appointment Information

The first consultation will take approximately 1 hour.

New client appointments are being scheduled, at this time.

Follow up consultations take approximately 30 minutes.

A follow up consultation will be scheduled within 3-4 weeks of the first appointment, depending on the individual.

Time between appointments allow the individual to focus on the customized programs, knowing exactly what to expect. The follow up appointment is an opportunity to chart results, and make minor adjustments, if needed

Fee Schedule

Although we do not accept many forms of insurance, we participate with Health Savings Accounts, and Samaritan's Purse.

Our office accepts all major credit and debit cards only.

Call for pricing schedule as changes may occur.